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Mya's Promise Donates Adaptive Art Supplies to Area Schools

Helping special children shine just in time to make the holidays brighter and more colorful, Mya's Promise donated and delivered adapative art supplies to pre-K programs and elementary schools in Stillwater, Cushing, and Glencoe!



In mid-December, board members visited area schools with bags of full of educational goodies for kids and teachers.


In the photos from from top to bottom are:

  • Gayla Hancock's special education classroom at Sunnyside Elementary in Cushing.

  • Ms. Lawson's classroom in Westwood Elementary, Stillwater.

  • Principal Bales (left) accepting supplies for Ms. Dickens' class at Glencoe Elementary.

  • Robin Atkinson (right), head of Stillwater programs for children with developmental delay children, held at Sangre Ridge Elementary.

  • Teachers at the Child Development Lab-RISE Program at OSU.

  • Wendy Waldrip, special education teacher at Harmony Elementary, Cushing.

  • Special ed teacher Tisha Gossman and Principal Kurt Baze at Highland Park Elementary, Stillwater.


Supplies were also delivered to Richmond Elementary School in Stillwater. 


Mya's Promise is devoted to helping special children shine with educational programs, grants and scholarships, gifts of adaptive equipment and supplies, and many other activities. If you would like to help in any way -- with gifts of time, energy, or financial support -- we invite you to contact us

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