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What We Do for Families


Families of children living with special needs face unique challenges. When parents first learn that their child has a special need, they inevitably have more questions than answers – and they are important questions. How do we help our child reach his or her fullest potential? Where do we go for healthcare, therapy, or other care? What educational resources are available for our child? How will our other children be affected? How can we afford all this? At Mya's Promise, it is a crucial part of our mission to assist and support parents and siblings as well as our special friends.



Our support for families begins with our community of understanding parents and care providers. We reach out to all special needs families and invite them to connect with us. Parents within the community who have children living with special needs are able to offer experience, knowledge, and a helping hand. The care providers in our community are particularly sensitive to children living with special needs. Our goal is to be an inclusive community for our children and families.  Our Facebook page is the best way to connect with us and other families.



 Our scholarships enable children to attend programs such as pre-school at the OSU Child Development Lab, participate in our own educational programs, and join us for outings and activities. Our grants pay for materials, tools, and technologies that improve the educational experience.


Family Grants

The financial challenges of having a special needs child – paying for therapies, healthcare, travel, equipment, and so on – can be daunting. At Mya’s Promise we help lighten the load with financial relief to families most in need by our grant program that is opened in the fall.  This past year we granted $1688 for a variety of needs. 

Programs and Activities

With the programs, activities, and outings we organize for our special children we also try to keep in mind how we can help parents and siblings. We plan most activities to be inclusive so that siblings can participate. Conversely, our activities may give parents and siblings an hour’s opportunity to do their own thing. Parents can get their “mommy and daddy” hours back or find some extra time to spend with their other children. 


Peace of Mind

Our hope is that, with the support we offer, we provide families with some measure of practical assistance, personal support, and peace of mind. Knowing that your child is receiving therapy throughout the day, that financial assistance is available, that friends are here to help allows the parents to just be parents. 



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