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Who We Are

Mya's Promise seeks to enhance the lives of young children living with special needs

and their families so that all children shine their brightest!


Based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, we are a nonprofit organization that supports children living with specials needs. We provide educational programs, scholarships and other education-related financial assistance, funding for therapies, adaptive equipment, social events, and group outings. We are strong advocates for inclusiveness. 


Believing that early engagement in learning and social environments gives our children the strongest possible start and promotes their intellectual, social, and personal growth, we direct much of our support to younger children, though many of our programs and activities are equally suited to older children. 


Mya's Promise also provide various types of support for parents and siblings of special needs children.


Our efforts to empower children, strengthen families, and transform communities depends on the kindness of a great many people -- all the parents of our special children who actively support one another, volunteers who help with the events and activities we sponsor, and professional service providers including physicians, counselors, teachers, and others who offer an extra special level of care and insight. Of course, our work costs money, so we also rely on the many generous donors who support us financially. We treasure every gift and promise to use them wisely.


If you are able in any way to help our children and their families, please call us or send a message using our Contact form. We encourage you to provide as much detail as you wish. 

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