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Summer Arts Program, Four Saturdays, July 11 Thru August 1

Mya's Promise is offering a series of Summer Arts Program over four Saturdays, from July 11 through August 1. Our spring classes -- photos at right -- were a great success, so we want to keep them going and growing!


DAYS & TIMES: Classes will run from 10:30-11:30 a.m. on the four Saturdays, each with a unique theme: 

  • July 11: Celebrating Independence Day

  • July 18: Beach Fun

  • July 25: Colors of Summer

  • August 1: Summer Time Fun


TEACHERS: Andrea DePron and Susan French, special education teachers at Stillwater Public Schools, designed the program and will be lead teachers. They will be assisted by Mya's Promise board members and friends. Every child will have one-on-one attention at all times, and all activities are designed to be adaptable to each child's developmental level. Parents are welcome to help out too!


ACTIVITIES: Each week will include three activities at three stations. Children can move from one to another or spend more time on any activity they're really engaged in. Here's just sample of what's planned: fireworks paintings, ice cream in a bag, beach bag decoration, sun catchers, edible necklaces, bubble painting, and goo with glitter. Whatever the kids don't eat, they can take home and display.


LOCATION: The Stillwater Multi Arts Center at 1001 South Duck will host all of our activities. 


TUITION: Cost for the four-week series is FREE. (Normally, the fee would be in the range of $25, but Mya's Promise is again providing full scholarships for all attedees.) Of course you'll be welcome to make a donation to Mya's Promise so more children can participate in many more programs for years to come.


SIGN UP: The program will be limited to ten children to ensure individual attention. The age range is ages 4 to 10. You can sign up for all classes or just a couple; preference will be given to those who sign up for more. If your child would like to participate, please sign up using our registration form.

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